The Bare Pit - 'cos naturists have adventures too, y'know!

Welcome to The Bare Pit!
This webcomic is a spin-off from my other nudist comic - Loxie & Zoot. I decided in 2005 to wrap-up that series and move the various characters and scenarios that had been developed during that time into a new more generic titled comic - The Bare Pit!

In keeping with the general tenants of naturism (nudist lifestyle) this comic depicts uncensored non-sexualised nudity and features a wide variety of body types, ages and racial backgrounds of both genders. Some themes within the stories might be mature in nature however they are generally safe for PG consumption - this is not a porn or sex comic.

The philosophy of this site is that the human body, in and of itself, is not offensive. Hopefully most people will accept the nudity in this web-site for what it is... a depiction of a natural way of life without lewd sensationalism. In the final wash it's all just meant to be a bit of fun anyway.

For more on my thoughts about doing a comic depicting nudists/naturists please see this short article.

Comments, constructive criticisms and feedback are always welcome.
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