The Bare Pit - 'cos naturists have adventures too, y'know!

You can access earlier pages of The Bare Pit through this archive. The most current story or run of toons is listed at the top of the archive and then all the way back to the first which is at the bottom of the list. Depending how much I'm top of my game the list for the current story will be as up to date as possible although links to the last one or two pages might not be added yet. I think most of the links work but let me know if not:

Prudes & Prejudice
Darcy Fitzwilliam is an activist for Body Freedom rights and he has brought his campain to Koala Bay College. Is he crazy... or a man ahead of his time? Willow has to juggle her conflicted feelings for him in the wake of the spiralling fallout from his campus crusade.

Birthday Suits
It's birthday time for both Loxie and Zoot - which means it's time to party with all their friends and family... and while Zoot's naturist family feel very much at home at the Koala Bares, Loxie's are there only under duress and aren't very happy about it either!
Tales to Scare Your Pants Off...!
Willow and her college friends gather around on Halloween to tell spooky stories with an au naturel twist...
An attempt to return Abúi to her homeworld by inter-dimensional meanderer Sven Allestädes lands him, her and Tash in a quaint little land that clothes forgot.
Incognito (Guest story by Reinder Dijkhuis)
Abúi finds herself lost in a strange world a long way from home. She tries to fit in but there's something odd about the local humans...
Chicken Little
Policeman Ben has cornered himself into visiting the Koala Bay Bares with colleague Tina... now he's worried about measuring up to the challenge...
Mr Smooth
Hairy Herb ponders the pros and cons of being 'smooth'!
Zinni spots a falling star... how many wishes can she make?
Generation Gap
Willow has high hopes of getting her college friends to enjoy some time at the Koala Bay Bares. Only problem is, their definition of fun doesn't sit well with the older regulars. (Page 00 is a cover image.)

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