Hoodoo is joining Crossoverkill!

Hoodoo, the adept and powerful witch from super-hero webcomic Magellan, will be joining forces with a number of other awesome webcomic characters for the epic adventure Crossoverkill which kicks off in October 2010! Crossoverkill also features:

Just who is Hoodoo?
Hoodoo (aka Xian-Li Jiang, or just Xian to her friends!) is a member of Force Magellan - the prime super-group within the Magellanverse.

Her powers are considerable, she can teleport, levitate, manipulate energies (both mundane and arcane), transmute objects and summon powerful magical weapons. Although technology and science are weak points for her she's kick-ass at martial arts!

If you've ever read Magellan you will have probably noticed there are a lot of characters! Standing out amongst hundreds of other faces isn't easy, especially when the main story focuses on Magellan Academy cadet Kaycee Jones. Even so, Hoodoo quickly became a fan favorite during the course of the Bad Karma storyline.

Born in rural China, she was only a few hours old when her father, a farmer, abandoned her in the woods out beyond the village because she was not the son he wanted. She would have died in the wilderness had she not been found by an elderly woman who had been foraging for firewood to heat her cottage in a remote area of the forest. The woman was a mystic who named and raised Xian-Li, training her in the magical arts. Some 13 years later, following an attack on her adoptive mother by superstitious villagers a young Xian retaliated using strong but raw magics. This brought her to the attention of the super-hero witch known as Glamor (aka Mary Gemmas) from Force Magellan. At age 16, Xian entered the Magellan super-hero academy to ultimately become Hoodoo and a highly regarded member of Force Magellan herself.

First appearances
Hoodoo was first introduced in Magellan through a cameo on page 1.48...

...that's her above - third from the left with Vertigo and The Hierophant, two other members of Force Magellan.

Yep, she's in a blue costume... her appearance in Crossoverkill will debut her new red-themed costume seen at the top of this page.

She was formally introduced to readers as Hoodoo when she presented the events surrounding the Q'Arth invasion of Moscow in the History of the Magellan universe - here.

Hoodoo next appears on page 4.143 (right) just as events of the Bad Karma storyline gets into full swing. As you can see there were already some significant changes to her costume - the peak of the hood plus the golden silk edging on the cuffs and around the base of the shirt. Originally the costume had been a one piece cloak but it was a bit too Raven-esque for my liking hence the modifications. As you can see, she wears the Magellan star insignia at the collar - all graduates from the Magellan Academy are permitted to add this insignia to their costumes.

As the events of Bad Karma unfold Hoodoo played a major part in proceedings - and while it would be neat for you to read the whole story, some of her other appearances in Bad Karma can be found on the following pages:


First, and so far only, unmasked appearance...!Xian's first, and so far only unmasked appearance has been on page 4.282 (left).

Following the events of Bad Karma Hoodoo has not yet reappeared, but rest assured she has continued to fight villainy and evil wherever it has raised it's fugly head (or heads!).

Come October 2010, Hoodoo will be teaming up with super-heroes from other webcomics - Captain Perfect, Energize, Fusion, Majestic Knight, Mindmistress and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - for the reality spanning adventure of her life in Crossoverkill. Written and drawn by the creators of Bad Guy High, Energize, Fusion, Magellan, Majestic Knight, Mindmistress and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki (plus other guest artists) - you will not want to miss a single update of Crossoverkill... see you then!

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