Dangerous And Fluffy: The Sheep of Doom!

These covers were created for use in a few panels in the prologue of Dangerous and Fluffy. They can hardly be identified there, which, frankly, is a shame, because we put quite some work into them. So here they are...

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Adam Cuerden is a hard-working farmer turned Archaeology student. This has taught him a variety of what the university like to call "transferable skills", such as the castration of young rams and bullocks. Which be why upzetting varmers be a daft plan.
Jeroen Jager was trained to be an astronaut. When he found out he wouldn't be home weekends, he turned his attention to comics. Although he never got to see Earth from space, the images he now sees in his mind more than make up for it. Apart from Dangerous and Fluffy, he also draws an obscure comic called Cap'n. He loves Dorothy Gambrell, apple-pie, and his sheep Annabelle. In a platonic way.